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Is Your Car Road Trip Ready?

Imagine this: the sun is beaming, and you’re ready with your backpack full of snacks. You’re excited about your next road trip, and we’re here to ensure your car is up to the task. At Adams Insurance & Financial, we accompany you throughout every phase as you find the most suitable auto insurance products.

Mechanical Check-Up

Before embarking on your journey, inspecting your car thoroughly is essential. If required, change the oil, verify the tire pressure, have your battery tested, ensure your headlights and taillights are functioning correctly, and inspect the brake pads and rotors. If anything seems off, getting your vehicle professionally checked before you hit the road is best.

Emergency Kit

Road trips are unpredictable, and having an emergency kit in your car is crucial. Your first aid kit should include bandages, pain relievers, and personal medication. Your auto repair kit should comprise a spare tire, tire repair kit, flashlight, fire extinguisher, and basic repair tools such as a tire jack, lug wrench, and jumper cables. In case of a loss of GPS service, having a paper map on hand would be wise.

Adams Insurance & Financial: Serving Northwest Arkansas

At Adams Insurance & Financial, we take pride in serving Northwest Arkansas with the insurance and financial products you need to instill peace of mind. We’re excited to discuss our auto insurance and other policies with you. Contact us today to talk with a dedicated member of our team. We can’t wait to meet you!

Is It Time to Review Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area and in need of an auto insurance policy review, Adams Insurance & Financial can help. We understand the importance of quality auto insurance and how easy it is to get a policy and then just keep letting it renew. But you may need to make adjustments or updates to it, which is why it should be periodically reviewed. Our trusted agents can help you review your policy to ensure that it’s the right one for your current and future needs.

Reviewing Your Auto Insurance Policy

You don’t have to just assume your policy is the right one for you, even if it was a good choice when you first got it. Needs change over time, and so do policies. You could have less protection than you need or even have coverage in areas you don’t want it. We can help you make changes to the types of coverage you have, along with the levels of coverage, allowing you to feel more confident and protected moving forward.

With dedicated agents on your side, you can compare quotes from insurers to see if your policy is still the best choice for your vehicle and how you use it. Then you’ll have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, along with the peace of mind that brings.

Consult With Us

Get in touch with us at Adams Insurance & Financial today if you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area and looking for an auto insurance policy review. We can help you determine whether your current coverage is right for your needs or whether making changes would be better. You might even need an entirely new policy, and we’re good at helping with that, as well. Working with us is the right choice to meet your insurance needs.

Who needs to have a full auto insurance plan in Arkansas?

Being a car owner is a great option for a lot of people in the Northwest Arkansas area. When you do have your own car here, you will enjoy having a convenient way to get around the area and complete any daily responsibilities. As you are looking for a car, you should also carefully assess your insurance needs.

A full auto insurance plan is needed by individuals in many situations. 

Those Looking to Drive

One of the reasons all people in this part of Arkansas need to have an auto insurance plan is so they can comply with state law. If you are going to drive a car anywhere in the state on a public road, you need to have liability coverage. This gives assurances that you will be able to cover damage if you cause an accident. When you get an auto insurance plan, you can stay in good standing with such requirements. 

Those with Loan Outstanding

It is also important to get a full auto insurance plan if you have a loan outstanding. When you take out a loan to buy a car, you will have insurance requirements set by the lender. These will require you to have comprehensive insurance, which will protect your car, which is the lender’s collateral. You will often need to provide evidence of coverage when closing on the loan. 

Reach Out To Us

Anyone who is going to drive a car in the Northwest Arkansas area will need to have proper insurance. When you are looking for this type of coverage here, you should call our team with Adams Insurance & Financial. There are a lot of choices to make when you are looking for insurance, and Adams Insurance & Financial can give you the support you need to build a quality plan. 

Safety Driving Tips for Driving In Storms

Great auto insurance isn’t the only thing you need to keep you safe while out on the road. Here at Adams Insurance & Financial serving Northwest Arkansas, we want to help our clients prevent accidents as a first line of defense.

Here are some safety tips for driving in storms:

Drive Slower Than Speed Limit 

The speed limit is for ideal driving conditions only. If the driving conditions are less than ideal, you need to drive more slowly. Storms decrease your reaction speed in many ways. Your visibility will be decreased, and your tires will have less traction on the road. This can all add up to disaster if you are traveling at regular or high speeds.

Pull Over When Necessary 

Slowing down may not be enough to keep you safe in really severe storms on the road. If the weather intensifies, it might be necessary to simply pull off the road for a while. Find a safe spot to park and just wait out the storm. This is a far better option than getting in an accident. 

Keep Windshield Wipers in Good Order 

You simply cannot drive safely in a storm without good-quality windshield wipers. If your wipers are not working properly or need to be replaced, do not procrastinate. Have your wipers replaced or repaired quickly. In most states, it is also illegal to drive without working wipers. 

Keep Headlights In Good Shape

People are often tempted to drive with headlights on even though they know this is dangerous and can often get them a ticket. Driving in storms without both headlights working properly will make your situation even more dangerous.

Give Us A Call

If you would like to learn about auto insurance, get in touch with us at Adams Insurance & Financial serving Northwest Arkansas. 

Tips to Help You Avoid an Accident When Traveling Home for the Holidays

The holidays are nearly here, and people will be hitting the roads to travel to see friends or family for the holidays. If you are one of the millions of people who plan on driving home for the holidays, you want to do everything you can to stay safe.

Here at Adams Insurance & Financial, serving the greater Northwest Arkansas area, we want to help you stay safe.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid an accident if you are traveling home for the holidays:

Get Your Tires Checked Before Hitting the Roadways

One of the most common causes of accidents is tires. Tires that are worn can slip on wet or icy roads and tires that are over or under-inflated can suddenly blow out. Before you hit the roads this holiday season, get your tires inspected and possibly replaced. 

Check the Weather and Avoid Driving in Inclement Weather

Another tip to help you avoid an accident this holiday season is to always check the weather and avoid driving in inclement weather. Try to give yourself a couple of days more than you may need to drive to or from a location. This gives you the leeway you need to avoid driving in bad weather. 

Drive Slower on Roads You Are Not Familiar With

Lastly, you may be in a hurry to see family and friends but always drive a bit slower on roads you are not familiar with. Also, always give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere so you are not in a hurry or driving aggressively.

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

If you are planning on driving this holiday season, another thing that you should do is ensure you have auto insurance coverage to fully protect yourself and your vehicle in case of an accident. At Adams Insurance & Financial, serving the greater Northwest Arkansas area, we can help you select the right insurance for your needs. Call or email us to get started. 

Should I File An Auto Insurance Claim?

If you’ve been in a minor car accident, you have likely wondered if you should report the damage to your auto insurance company or pay for it yourself. If the accident does not involve any other vehicles or someone else’s property, check to see if the repair estimate is less than your deductible. Let’s say you back into the basketball home in your driveway and it causes $800 of damage to your vehicle. You check your insurance policy and learn that your deductible is higher than the damage estimate at $1000. In this scenario, filing a claim may hurt you because the insurance company will not contribute any money to this incident, but your rates may also increase at renewal time. However, if you are involved in a vehicle with another person or hit someone else’s property, you should contact your insurance immediately. Your liability coverage can help pay for any property damage or injuries you are at fault for and your legal defense costs if you are sued up to your policy limits. 

Additionally, if you choose not to report the accident to your insurance company and any other party involved decides to make a claim for accident related injuries or damages, your insurer may deny coverage. Consequently, as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to involve your insurance company if a third-party is involved in the accident to ensure that your best interests are protected.

Whether you are shopping for your first auto insurance policy or are up for renewal, the Adams Insurance & Financial team is ready to assist. Proudly serving Northwest Arkansas, we are happy to offer no-obligation consultations for any interested customers to learn about our insurance services.

Auto Insurance for Multiple Vehicles

Do you have multiple drivers in your family, and you want to work with us at Adams Insurance & Financial to protect your Northwest Arkansas vehicles? Then, you need to learn more about insuring multiple vehicles at the same time to give yourself the insight that you need here. 

You Can Insure Multiple Cars 

If you want to bundle multiple cars onto the same insurance policy or with the same company, they usually provide you with a few different options and will even cut you a deal on your premiums and other costs. The number of cars you can bundle will vary based on a few factors. 

The Maximum Number of Bundled Cars 

Most insurance companies will let you bundle at least four cars and four drivers on one policy. However, that may vary according to the policy and the company. Some may take on fewer while others take on more. Check with your provider to learn more here. 

Insuring With Multiple Companies 

In some situations, it might be more financially beneficial to insure multiple vehicles with a few different companies. This option is a good choice if you get a great deal with one provider over another. That said, you usually save more if you bundle with one company. 

Different Insurance Coverage is Available 

You don’t have to get the same policies for each vehicle that you insure. For example, if you have one car you rarely use, you might want to give it the bare minimum of coverage to save yourself a little money. Or you can create a comprehensive package with the same level of protection.

Protect Yourself and Your Family 

Finding a great insurance policy for multiple vehicles doesn’t have to be a complex process. By working with us at Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas, you can get the incredible protection that you need. 

Does my auto policy cover the driver or the vehicle

Auto insurance provides protection when you are on the road. Most states have requirements for how much auto insurance you must have. The amount and type vary by state. It is up to you as the auto owner and as a driver to know the requirements in your state. At Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas, you can count on us for all your auto insurance needs. We specialize in giving our customers more than just ordinary customer service; we go above and beyond to make sure you get exactly the coverage you want. 

When you own a car, you need to have auto insurance to protect yourself and your vehicle. You may wonder if you, as the driver, are the one that is covered or if it is your vehicle. The occasion may arise when you drive a vehicle that is not your own, and you may wonder if you are covered. You may also allow someone else to drive your vehicle, which is not listed on your insurance policy. Generally speaking, the vehicle is what is covered. This means no matter who you allow to drive your car; your insurance will be responsible in the event of an accident. 

This could leave you being responsible for the deductible. It is something you should discuss with the person who is using your car before the actual event. It is also something to consider yourself if you have an accident in a vehicle that belongs to someone other than yourself. An exception is when you rent a car, and in this case, your personal insurance will provide the same protection in the rental vehicle as you have on your personal vehicle. 

When you want customized auto insurance, contact Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas, our customer service won’t disappoint. 

Do I need auto insurance in Arkansas?

Residents of the Northwest Arkansas area are going to find that it is a lot easier to get around town and get all of their daily tasks done if they own a car. If you do go out and purchase a vehicle, it is also very important that you get the right insurance policy. There are several reasons why you will need to get auto insurance when you own a car here. 

The State Requires Coverage

One of the reasons you will need to have auto insurance here is that the state will require it. If you choose to purchase and drive a car, you need to meet the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements that state you need to have liability insurance. This coverage ensures you are able to pay for any damages that you cause in an accident. If you are caught without coverage, you could face serious penalties. 

Coverage is Required by Lender

Another reason that you are going to need to get auto insurance is that it is going to be required by your lender. Many people that purchase a car are going to take out an auto loan. If you do have a loan, the lender will want you to have a full collision and comprehensive policy. This ensures that their collateral is protected against many forms of risk, including theft and vandalism. 

As you are looking for a new auto insurance policy in Northwest Arkansas, calling Adams Insurance & Financial would be a good option. The team at Adams Insurance & Financial knows the complexities that come with picking auto insurance. They will be able to answer all of your questions while helping you to choose a policy that will give you the right protection. 

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