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Safety Driving Tips for Driving In Storms

Great auto insurance isn’t the only thing you need to keep you safe while out on the road. Here at Adams Insurance & Financial serving Northwest Arkansas, we want to help our clients prevent accidents as a first line of defense.

Here are some safety tips for driving in storms:

Drive Slower Than Speed Limit 

The speed limit is for ideal driving conditions only. If the driving conditions are less than ideal, you need to drive more slowly. Storms decrease your reaction speed in many ways. Your visibility will be decreased, and your tires will have less traction on the road. This can all add up to disaster if you are traveling at regular or high speeds.

Pull Over When Necessary 

Slowing down may not be enough to keep you safe in really severe storms on the road. If the weather intensifies, it might be necessary to simply pull off the road for a while. Find a safe spot to park and just wait out the storm. This is a far better option than getting in an accident. 

Keep Windshield Wipers in Good Order 

You simply cannot drive safely in a storm without good-quality windshield wipers. If your wipers are not working properly or need to be replaced, do not procrastinate. Have your wipers replaced or repaired quickly. In most states, it is also illegal to drive without working wipers. 

Keep Headlights In Good Shape

People are often tempted to drive with headlights on even though they know this is dangerous and can often get them a ticket. Driving in storms without both headlights working properly will make your situation even more dangerous.

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