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Additional home insurance protection you may want to consider

Your home insurance policy protects the biggest investment you probably have ever made. While it does cover many possible things that could go wrong, you may want to consider some additional coverage. At Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas, we are here to provide the service our customers deserve. 

Home Insurance Add-ons

A jewelry rider

If you have anything more than pretty basic jewelry, you should have a jewelry rider that provides the additional coverage you require. You need to get your jewelry appraised and then get enough coverage so that you can replace any of the pieces you have. 

Art rider

If you have artwork that is valuable, your regular policy will not cover it. You need to add a rider to your policy to give you the additional coverage that you need. You should have an appraisal done on your art so that you have the correct valuation in case the work is ever lost or damaged. 

Sewer backup

Sewer backup is not covered by your traditional home insurance policy. If you are worried about the possibility of this happening to you, you can add this coverage to your policy. 

Identity theft coverage

In today’s world of stolen identities, this can be very valuable coverage. A lot of damage can be done to your finances and even your reputation. This coverage will help to restore what has been lost and any cost you may incur. 

Sinkhole coverage

Sinkholes can happen almost anywhere these days. Any type of earth movement is not discovered by home insurance. You can add an additional policy to your home insurance to give you the coverage you require. 

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What is Financial Insurance and Who Can Benefit From It?

Many people are familiar with common types of insurance products, including auto insurance and home insurance. However, these are not the only insurance products on the market. Here at Adams Insurance & Financial, serving the greater Northwest Arkansas region, we offer a coverage option known as financial insurance. If you have never heard of this coverage before, you may have many questions, including what financial insurance is and who can benefit from it. We are here to help answer your queries. 

What is Financial Insurance? 

Financial insurance is designed to help ensure that you do not outlive your retirement income. When you purchase financial insurance, you are paid a series of financial payments at specific intervals. Receiving these payments helps ensure you have money to live off of, and can be used to supplement your retirement benefits. 

Who Can Benefit From Financial Insurance? 

Those who wind up living long lives can typically benefit from financial insurance. Most people retire between the ages of 65 and 70, but your retirement may start to run out around 80 or 85. This means that you may find yourself in need of money at 85, 90, or even 95 years old. Financial insurance pays you money at specific intervals, helping to provide you with the money you need to live off of as you age. Those who live longer in life benefit most from this type of insurance. 

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Financial insurance, also sometimes called annuity insurance, helps to ensure someone does not outlive their retirement money. If you are concerned about having enough money as you age, financial insurance may be right for you. Contact us at Adams Insurance & Financial, serving the greater Northwest Arkansas region, to learn more about purchasing this type of insurance to help you remain financially secure in the future. 

Life Insurance FAQs

Do you have questions about life insurance? Having an insurance agent you can count on to answer those questions is important. At Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas, we have an experienced team of agents who are ready to provide the information you need to make a decision about what life insurance is right for you. 

Life Insurance FAQs

When should I review my life insurance?

If there is nothing changing in your life, a yearly review should be adequate to make sure that you have exactly what you need. But if you have had any life changes, changing jobs, getting married, having children, or retiring, it is a good time to do a review of your coverage. 

Do I need to buy life insurance if I get some from work?

Simply stated, yes you do. Can you guarantee that you will only work for this one employer for your entire work life? The average is 12 jobs in a lifetime. That means changing your life insurance 12 times. In order to secure the future of your dependents, you need to be in control of the amount of life insurance that you have. You need your own life insurance and your employer coverage is a nice additional benefit. 

When is the best time to buy life insurance?

Before you need it is the obvious answer. When you are young and healthy, life insurance is the most affordable, but, for term life, it makes more sense to buy it after you have dependents. You want to make sure that your dependents are protected for as long as they need to be protected. With a 20-year term, you probably need multiple policies that extend the term you are covered to up to 30 years. 

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Contact Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas when you have questions about life insurance or need to get a life insurance policy. 

Tips to Help You Avoid an Accident When Traveling Home for the Holidays

The holidays are nearly here, and people will be hitting the roads to travel to see friends or family for the holidays. If you are one of the millions of people who plan on driving home for the holidays, you want to do everything you can to stay safe.

Here at Adams Insurance & Financial, serving the greater Northwest Arkansas area, we want to help you stay safe.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid an accident if you are traveling home for the holidays:

Get Your Tires Checked Before Hitting the Roadways

One of the most common causes of accidents is tires. Tires that are worn can slip on wet or icy roads and tires that are over or under-inflated can suddenly blow out. Before you hit the roads this holiday season, get your tires inspected and possibly replaced. 

Check the Weather and Avoid Driving in Inclement Weather

Another tip to help you avoid an accident this holiday season is to always check the weather and avoid driving in inclement weather. Try to give yourself a couple of days more than you may need to drive to or from a location. This gives you the leeway you need to avoid driving in bad weather. 

Drive Slower on Roads You Are Not Familiar With

Lastly, you may be in a hurry to see family and friends but always drive a bit slower on roads you are not familiar with. Also, always give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere so you are not in a hurry or driving aggressively.

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

If you are planning on driving this holiday season, another thing that you should do is ensure you have auto insurance coverage to fully protect yourself and your vehicle in case of an accident. At Adams Insurance & Financial, serving the greater Northwest Arkansas area, we can help you select the right insurance for your needs. Call or email us to get started. 

Why Entrepreneurs Buy Commercial Insurance in Northwest Arkansas

Business entities at their initial stages may come with challenges and risks. For any business operator to remain in entrepreneurial undertakings, they should formulate a framework to minimize these impeding risks. Without commercial insurance in Northwest Arkansas, it may subject you to a stressful payment of legal fees in cash, relegating you to bankruptcy or culminating in detrimental financial consequences.

Don’t allow risks to dim your dream of initiating a successful business! Consult with our agents at Adams Insurance & Financial and get more information about commercial insurance. 

Is commercial insurance an asset to entrepreneurs?

Purchasing commercial insurance from Adams Insurance & Financial provides a broad spectrum of benefits to various entrepreneurs, including:

Covering of advertising liability

Any infringement of the copyright of any individual entity is equivalent to dire consequences from relevant authorities in Northwest Arkansas. If your business entity infringes on any copyright rule of other existing businesses or parties, liability insurance kicks in and caters to any legal liability against such accusations.

Protecting your employees

Statistics have shown that many workers suffer injuries while working in various businesses but go unreported and are compensated. Worker’s comp insurance is mandatory in Arkansas business entities employing seasonal or permanent workers. Companies are responsible for work-related injuries or sickness for employees working on their premises. They also qualify for missed wages and funeral benefits.

Protection from lawsuits

Lawsuits are recipes for bankruptcy for many business ventures. Any business is susceptible to impending expensive lawsuits. Workers’ comp insurance chips in and settles the lawsuit fees.

It protects business assets

Any business venture owns valuable assets within its premises. These assets ensure continuous productivity for the business enterprise at hand. Commercial insurance can cushion these business assets from any damages or risks.

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Initiate a thriving business without worries of an impending peril in Northwest Arkansas! Please don’t hesitate to speak to our dedicated agents at Adams Insurance & Financial Sound and get more information about commercial insurance.

How Home Insurance Keeps You Protected

Owning a home is a great investment that is important to your entire household. However, if that investment isn’t well-protected, it can spell disaster for you financially. It’s important to have insurance protection for your home with a home policy. If you don’t have home insurance yet, it’s time to call us at Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas.

How Home Insurance Keeps You Protected

Home Protection

When you have home insurance, it provides protection for your home itself. It protects the dwelling against a number of damaging events that can happen to it. When a damaging event does happen to your home, it can cost many thousands of dollars to get the necessary repairs done. When you have home insurance, the policy pays for those repairs so that you won’t have to. This saves you from financial trouble after there is damage to your home. 

Item Protection

Another way that home insurance protects you is by providing protection against damaging events that destroy your belongings. It isn’t just your home that needs to be protected- everything inside it does as well. With a home insurance policy, your insurance can pay for you to get your items replaced. This can come at a huge financial cost, so it’s always best to have this protection in place. 

Liability Protection

Home insurance also protects you against liability. When someone comes to your home and has an accident there that injures them, you are liable for the medical bills that result from it. Home insurance will pay for those bills so that you don’t have to worry about them. 

Get Home Insurance

If you don’t yet have home insurance, you’re leaving yourself financially vulnerable to a number of events that can be costly. To get yourself and your home covered, give us a call today at Adams Insurance & Financial in Northwest Arkansas.

Keep Your Family’s Future Safe With Financial Annuities

If you want to make sure you have enough security for retirement, there are a lot of options for investment vehicles. One of those is financial annuities. In Northwest Arkansas, Adams Insurance & Financial can help you with the annuities you’re looking for.

Financial Annuities: A Comprehensive Guide

These are good options to save for retirement, which can not only protect you but also keep your family secure, as well. You don’t have to settle for a high level of uncertainty when you can choose options that are more likely to increase your chances for stability.

As with any investment vehicle, it is possible for an annuity to lose some of its value over time. Fortunately, many people choose several methods of investing for their retirement needs. By doing that, they reduce the risk of having their family’s future protection damaged if one investment fails to give them the returns they were expecting.

When you work with annuities, you can focus on setting yourself and your family up for more security in your retirement years. Our knowledgeable agents can provide you with the options and information you need to choose the best annuities for your needs. Depending on how much you want to invest, the number of years until you retire, and other factors, some options may be better for you than others.

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If you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area and looking for financial annuities to help protect your future, Adams Insurance & Financial can help. We know you have options, and we want to provide you with the best choices for proper coverage and enough security. Reach out to us today, and let us help you choose the annuities and insurance policies that can maximize your protection and give you peace of mind for the future.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Life insurance is an essential coverage and kudos for starting the process of getting it. However, you might be in a dilemma over how much life insurance you need. Here is a breakdown of how much life insurance you need as a resident of Northwest Arkansas by the insurance experts at Adams Insurance & Financial.

Calculating Your Life Insurance Need

The goal of life insurance is for you to protect your dependents financially in case you pass away. Your current financial and your current and future family situation will influence how much life insurance you need. Here are some easy-to-use formulae to use:

  • Multiply your annual income 10-fold

Multiplying your income 10-fold is the simplest way to calculate how much life insurance you need. For example, if you earn $75,000 annually, you multiply this by 10 to arrive at $750,000. Therefore, you should purchase a life insurance policy worth $750,000. However, this formula doesn’t give a detailed look at your family’s evolving needs and other factors like existing life insurance and savings.

  • Multiply your annual income by 10 and $100,000 for each child’s college expenses

This formula for calculating life insurance needs is an improvement to the one above as it considers the children’s college expenses. Let’s say you are a parent to 3 children whom you expect to go to college, and your annual income is $75,000. Your total life insurance need will be $750,000 plus $300,000 for your children’s college expenses, which adds up to $1.05 million.

  • Utilize the DIME formula

The DIME formula takes a detailed look at your finances and your family’s evolving needs. Your debts, income, mortgage, and children’s educational needs will be considered when figuring out how much life insurance you need using formula. Due to the complexity of the DIME formula, it’s best that you have an insurance agent help you with the calculations.

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Are annuities right for your retirement?

Residents in the Northwest Arkansas region who are nearing retirement can turn to Adams Insurance & Financial for answers to their insurance and financial questions. We are here to help you plan for retirement.

Benefits of annuities as a tool for retirement

Planning for retirement in today’s economy can feel like an impossible dream at times, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are a number of different financial tools that are available that can help provide the financial security that you want during your retirement years.

Of course, not every tool is right for everyone’s different needs, but there are likely a few that can help you reach your financial goals. If you are interested in learning more about annuities, here are a few benefits to think about when considering this financial tool:

  • Guaranteed payments – choosing an annuity from a reputable insurance carrier can ensure that you receive your payout. 
  • Immediate fixed annuities – investing a lump sum in certain annuity types can provide you with monthly payouts that begin immediately.
  • Payouts for the policyholder’s entire lifespan – unlike other investments that can run out if you outlive them, there are annuity options that provide monthly payouts for life, no matter how long that may be.

Not all annuities are created the same, so it’s important to work with an advisor that you trust when choosing any personal financial investment. If you are wondering if annuities might be an effective tool for your retirement, now is a great time to find out more!

We can help with your retirement planning

Adams Insurance & Financial has the knowledge necessary to help Northwest Arkansas area residents effectively plan for their retirement. Give us a call today and schedule your retirement planning consultation.

Should I File An Auto Insurance Claim?

If you’ve been in a minor car accident, you have likely wondered if you should report the damage to your auto insurance company or pay for it yourself. If the accident does not involve any other vehicles or someone else’s property, check to see if the repair estimate is less than your deductible. Let’s say you back into the basketball home in your driveway and it causes $800 of damage to your vehicle. You check your insurance policy and learn that your deductible is higher than the damage estimate at $1000. In this scenario, filing a claim may hurt you because the insurance company will not contribute any money to this incident, but your rates may also increase at renewal time. However, if you are involved in a vehicle with another person or hit someone else’s property, you should contact your insurance immediately. Your liability coverage can help pay for any property damage or injuries you are at fault for and your legal defense costs if you are sued up to your policy limits. 

Additionally, if you choose not to report the accident to your insurance company and any other party involved decides to make a claim for accident related injuries or damages, your insurer may deny coverage. Consequently, as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to involve your insurance company if a third-party is involved in the accident to ensure that your best interests are protected.

Whether you are shopping for your first auto insurance policy or are up for renewal, the Adams Insurance & Financial team is ready to assist. Proudly serving Northwest Arkansas, we are happy to offer no-obligation consultations for any interested customers to learn about our insurance services.

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