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Is Your Car Road Trip Ready?

Imagine this: the sun is beaming, and you’re ready with your backpack full of snacks. You’re excited about your next road trip, and we’re here to ensure your car is up to the task. At Adams Insurance & Financial, we accompany you throughout every phase as you find the most suitable auto insurance products.

Mechanical Check-Up

Before embarking on your journey, inspecting your car thoroughly is essential. If required, change the oil, verify the tire pressure, have your battery tested, ensure your headlights and taillights are functioning correctly, and inspect the brake pads and rotors. If anything seems off, getting your vehicle professionally checked before you hit the road is best.

Emergency Kit

Road trips are unpredictable, and having an emergency kit in your car is crucial. Your first aid kit should include bandages, pain relievers, and personal medication. Your auto repair kit should comprise a spare tire, tire repair kit, flashlight, fire extinguisher, and basic repair tools such as a tire jack, lug wrench, and jumper cables. In case of a loss of GPS service, having a paper map on hand would be wise.

Adams Insurance & Financial: Serving Northwest Arkansas

At Adams Insurance & Financial, we take pride in serving Northwest Arkansas with the insurance and financial products you need to instill peace of mind. We’re excited to discuss our auto insurance and other policies with you. Contact us today to talk with a dedicated member of our team. We can’t wait to meet you!

Types of problems that can be covered by commercial insurance

Businesses encounter problems that can result in financial losses due to liability and lawsuits. However, commercial insurance in Northwest Arkansas is the best way to cover these kinds of problems. Here is an overview of situations where commercial insurance is crucial to a business’s financial stability. 

Liability from lawsuits

Companies can be sued by workers or customers for a number of reasons. Those injured on their property while working or shopping can file injury lawsuits. Defective products can also cause injuries that result in significant medical expenses. A commercial insurance policy in Northwest Arkansas can cover some or all of these losses. 

Damage and losses

Businesses can have expensive inventory, buildings where business is conducted, and other items that can be damaged, such as machinery and equipment. A commercial insurance policy from Adams Insurance & Financial will help the business pay for repairs or replacements related to damage to inventory and equipment.  

Commercial vehicles

Many businesses have employees who need to drive for commercial purposes. These vehicles require commercial insurance coverage, which is not covered by the driver’s standard auto insurance. If an accident involving a commercial vehicle happens, this can be a very large expense. Commercial insurance will help pay for things like vehicle repairs, medical bills, and any claims from outside parties who are injured. 

Contact us to learn more.

Our agents who represent Adams Insurance & Financial are available to answer additional questions about commercial insurance. They can also explore coverage options and set up policies for customers in the Northwest Arkansas area.

What’s a Structural Home Warranty Policy?

Buying land and hiring a contractor to build your home can be exciting. It allows you to create a custom house that meets your exact specifications. It can also be a great alternative to trying to find housing in a market with limited options and high prices. However, you’ll want to have a structural home warranty policy to protect your new investment.

What’s a Structural Home Warranty Policy?

A structural home warrant policy covers essential structural components in your home. These components include the home’s roof, foundation, and flooring. The contractor is legally obligated to repair the damage if the quality or materials used in the construction process are defective. At the same time, structural home warranties cover damage caused by wear and tear. This includes soil expansion, which may strain the home’s foundation and walls. 

What’s the Difference Between a Structural Home Warranty Policy and Home Insurance?

A home insurance policy likewise covers essential structural components in a Northwest Arkansas home. However, home insurance only provides compensation in the event of a natural disaster such as a fire, tornado, or thunderstorm. It won’t cover construction defects or problems related to wear and tear in the home or soil movements. What’s more, if your home insurance company finds that regular wear and tear is responsible for post-disaster damage, you may get less compensation than you’d hoped for.

Get Professional Help from Adams Insurance & Financial

To completely protect your Northwest Arkansas home, you need a structural home warranty policy and homeowner’s insurance policy. Adams Insurance & Financial can help you review your policy options and pick the coverage that best meets your needs. Contact us to find out more about our services or get a quote. 

Financial Insurance for A New Business Owner

Financial insurance provides peace to business owners by shielding them from unexpected losses. Discover how this insurance type can be advantageous if you are a burgeoning business owner.

Understanding Financial Insurance

Financial insurance serves as a safety net for business owners against unforeseen damage. This coverage prevents a business from being hampered by potentially crippling losses. The extent of coverage ideally offered by financial insurance should correlate with the scale of the business and the recurring revenue.

Coverage Against Contractual Loss

Financial insurance coverage can prove vital in preventing an owner from bearing contractual losses. In the event of a contractual agreement with a partner, this coverage ensures that all contractual expenses are met, even if the partner fails to adhere to the contract’s outlined obligations.

Shielding Stock Values

A financial insurance policy can act as a buffer to protect stock values. If the worth of stocks plummets significantly, the insurance coverage can avert a potential financial loss for the business owner.

Bankruptcy Protection

Under certain conditions, financial insurance coverage can offer protection in the event of bankruptcy. This provision allows business owners to continue their operations without any interruption due to bankruptcy.

Assessment of Needs

As a new business owner, evaluating your business plan and examining your annual revenue is crucial. This assessment will aid in determining the relevance and aptness of financial insurance for your business.

Contact Adams Insurance & Financial

Having reviewed this concise information on financial insurance, it’s time to take the next vital step. Contact one of our representatives at Adams Insurance & Financial. A representative who serves Northwest Arkansas will help you determine the right insurance policy tailored to your new business.

How Can an Agent Help With Life Insurance?

Find the Right Life Insurance Coverage with Adams Insurance & Financial

If you’re in Northwest Arkansas and considering life insurance, Adams Insurance & Financial can guide you to ideal coverage. A life insurance policy doesn’t just offer protection; it gives your family future security and peace of mind.

Work with Dedicated Agents

Reach out to our agents, and you’ll have a knowledgeable advocate by your side. They’ll discuss your needs and help you decide which coverage and level best suit you. Considering upcoming major life changes like buying a house, getting married, or starting a family helps the agent tailor the best policy for you.

Navigate Life Changes with Confidence

As you navigate life’s twists and turns, updating your policy ensures continued security for your family. Building a relationship with your insurance agent makes these updates easier, ensuring you’re adequately covered in the long term.

Reach Out to Us Today

Contact Adams Insurance & Financial if you’re in Northwest Arkansas and looking to secure your family’s future with life insurance. We’re here to help you feel confident in the policy you select. Discussing life insurance may not be comfortable, but it’s crucial for your loved ones’ future protection. Let us provide the options you need to find the right coverage.

Is It Time to Review Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area and in need of an auto insurance policy review, Adams Insurance & Financial can help. We understand the importance of quality auto insurance and how easy it is to get a policy and then just keep letting it renew. But you may need to make adjustments or updates to it, which is why it should be periodically reviewed. Our trusted agents can help you review your policy to ensure that it’s the right one for your current and future needs.

Reviewing Your Auto Insurance Policy

You don’t have to just assume your policy is the right one for you, even if it was a good choice when you first got it. Needs change over time, and so do policies. You could have less protection than you need or even have coverage in areas you don’t want it. We can help you make changes to the types of coverage you have, along with the levels of coverage, allowing you to feel more confident and protected moving forward.

With dedicated agents on your side, you can compare quotes from insurers to see if your policy is still the best choice for your vehicle and how you use it. Then you’ll have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, along with the peace of mind that brings.

Consult With Us

Get in touch with us at Adams Insurance & Financial today if you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area and looking for an auto insurance policy review. We can help you determine whether your current coverage is right for your needs or whether making changes would be better. You might even need an entirely new policy, and we’re good at helping with that, as well. Working with us is the right choice to meet your insurance needs.

Why Does My Business Need Commercial Insurance Beyond General Liability

Some entrepreneurs believe that their business does not need insurance beyond general liability. The fact is, that many mishaps can occur during the course of normal business operations. If you have not considered liability before this. Look at these factors to change your mind. Adams Insurance & Financial can guide many businesses serving Northwest Arkansas on the policies that will meet their needs.

Consider Start-up Insurance

If you are unsure of what you may need, start-up commercial insurance may fit your needs. This type of business insurance can provide you with a roundup of general insurance needs to cover the cost of common types of risks that most businesses face. However, as your business progresses, you may need more. Consider the following types of coverage as your business expands.

All businesses should have a general liability policy in place. Beyond that, you should also consider the following, depending on your operations:

  • Errors and omissions 
  • Cybersecurity insurance
  • Employment practices liability

Additional issues can affect business owners. These can include protection from data theft,  national disasters, such as those occurring from storms,  theft, damage from storms, business interruptions due to circumstances beyond your control, employment practices, and many other issues that entrepreneurs should consider.

Business disruption is another consideration. Policies can protect your operations from loss of income beyond your control when your company cannot operate due to circumstances beyond your control, such as riots and other things that may occur.

Ask the professionals at Adams Insurance & Financial to provide you with the most comprehensive service regarding insurance issues Our agents stand ready to give you the most extensive services regarding insurance and related issues available in Northwest Arkansas. Contact us today to get started on our insurance coverage.

How Home Insurance’s Liability Coverage Helps You

When many people think of a homeowner’s policy, they think of the structural protections it provides. If your home gets damaged by a peril covered in the policy, the insurance company pays for repairs. Adams Insurance & Financial wants Northwest Arkansas homeowners to also understand the liability coverage in home policies, such as HO-3 policies.

Home Insurance Liability Coverage

This blog explains its protection for accidents at the home, plus libel and slander. HO-3 policies, the typical type purchased by most homeowners, cover liability, too. Each policy provides protection equal to a percentage of the home’s value. The homeowner can adjust the percentage from its baseline, but that raises the monthly premium.

Most policies offer liability coverage at 10% or 20% of the home’s value. That means a policy that includes liability coverage with a maximum of 20% of a home’s value provides coverage of up to $100,000 for a home valued at $500,000.

How Liability Coverage Works

Liability coverage protects a homeowner in a few ways. First, if a visitor to the home has an accident, the liability coverage pays the injured person’s medical expenses. Whether the visitor falls down the steps or slips getting out of the shower, the insurance covers it. It also covers swimming pool and trampoline accidents, but owning either adds to your premium costs.

Liability coverage also offers settlement protection if the homeowner or a member of the household commits libel or slander. This protection comes in handy if anyone in the household works in a public job, such as a business owner, politician, coach, teacher, etc. Individuals in these positions frequently speak with the media and write opinion pieces, which puts them at risk of accusations of libel and slander.

Contact Us Today

Contact Adams Insurance & Financial to increase the protection on your Northwest Arkansas home. Let us help you find the right homeowner’s insurance for your home.

Handling The Financials

If you own a business that primarily handles lots of money, you are going to need financial insurance. This will provide coverage that you will need in order to protect you and your business from losses due to the event of a partner in a contract not meeting their obligations. What’s more, it can defend against a myriad of other kinds of commercial financial losses. That would include those from unexpected and/or heavy drops in the values of stocks or a business partner suddenly going bankrupt.

Who Needs Financial Insurance?

Financial insurance is largely for companies that generally cause loss of a purely financial nature. This would include attorneys and law firms, bookkeeping and accounting firms, property management firms, and real estate brokers. If an employee at one of these places makes an error that causes financial loss, financial insurance can cover financial losses caused to a third party up to the sum that was entered in the policy document. 

What is Financial Insurance Good For?

For the most part, the major purpose of liability insurance is to cover the company’s liability for any damages that have been caused to third parties. Business liability insurance is a standard form of liability insurance for any company. However, this does not cover any financial losses. Financial insurance, as the name suggests, covers completely financial losses and liabilities that are the result of a contract. It provides comprehensive insurance coverage when working in tandem with business liability insurance.

Adams Insurance & Financial Serving Northwest Arkansas

If you need financial insurance anywhere in Northwest Arkansas, please contact Adams Insurance & Financial. We will give you all the help you need. 

3 Important Life Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent

Having life insurance can help protect your loved ones and give you peace of mind. If you’re in Northwest Arkansas and looking for help with your life policy, Adams Insurance & Financial is here for you. Having questions is common, and it’s important to get well-informed answers from a trusted agent, so you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Here are three of the biggest questions to ask:

1. How Will This Protect My Family?

Protecting your family is the main goal of an insurance policy on your life. This kind of insurance can help your loved ones keep their assets and a secure standard of living if you pass away. The goal is to determine what type of policy you need and how much coverage will be best for your situation, so you can choose the kind of protection that gives you and your family the security they deserve.

2. What Are the Different Policy Types?

There are term life and whole life policies, and they have different requirements and coverage opportunities. The right one for your needs is important. Working with an agent can help you get the best policy, allowing you to increase your family’s protection in a way that also works for you.

3. How Often Should the Policy be Reviewed?

You want to review your life policy at least every couple of years and anytime there’s a big change in your life. Performing a review with your agent will ensure that the policy is still right for you and your family.

Schedule A Consultation Today

If you’re in Northwest Arkansas and looking for a life insurance policy, get in touch with us at Adams Insurance & Financial today. We understand the importance of this kind of policy and the protection it offers for the future.

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